About Me

Gabriel Hall is a traveler, writer, and photographer who has spent the last 30 years trotting around the world. In the last 18 years, he has spent most of his time travelling between the cities of Asia wandering the streets, dropping in on restaurants, bars, breweries, and distilleries with his camera and notepad, documenting the food, lifestyle, and quirks of the local denizens.

Gabriel is thankful to benefit from the hospitality from Michelin star chefs, wandering between immaculate restaurants, eateries, izakayas, pojangmacha, and hawkers stands in search of great food and friendship. His varied experiences and knowledge has allowed him to develop close relationships with chefs, bartenders, and hospitality staff around the world. He has been invited to work alongside many of them when things get rough.

Gabriel combines his vast culinary experiences, his knowledge of culinary techniques and history, as well as his business acumen to provide commentary and context in the composition of articles for international publications, to serve on judging panels and competitions, and to comment on the development of dishes and menus.

In addition, Gabriel adds his photography experience to his portfolio of skills, providing a complete picture of the culinary world as part of his work and travels.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities or have suggestions, you can get in touch with Gabriel Hall by using the Contact Me page.