On the Origins of Chefs

As long as there was food, there were chefs. Even though the ages have changed how chefs work, see the world and conduct their business, their goal remains the same: make great food.

I take a look at two chefs, a 30-year veteran and a culinary school graduate as I compare their views, environments and aspirations.


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Becoming Ocean Wise

I had the pleasure of spending some time with some of Calgary’s top chefs and the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program. Just because we can’t see the depletion of ocean stocks doesn’t mean it’s not an issue.

River Cafe - Ocean Wise

Join me as I discover what is happening in our oceans and what we can do about it in my article, “Becoming Ocean Wise” over on my Print Publication & TV appearances section.

Frozen Treats

It’s summer, well sort of. We have to endure a few weeks of rain in order to enjoy the sunny warm weather in all its glory. To help prepare, here is a quick round-up of some awesome places to enjoy some frozen summer treats while basking in the sun.

Tutti Frutti Froyo

Photo by Dong Kim

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American Spirit

Bourbon is a classic American drink. Sweeter than whiskey and spicier than scotch it is a drink which appeals to more palates than most other spirits. I take a look at local pop-up bar, Crowbar, and their obsession with the spirit.


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Fat of the Land

Kobe beef is not what it seems. Kobe is only one kind of the beautifully marbles, fatty and flavourful beef the world knows as wagyu. Even then, real wagyu is only found in Japan as it refers to only seven strains of cattle. This month, I look deeper into what is real wagyu and how we are making wagyu-cross beef right here in Alberta.

Wagyu Strip Steaks

You can read my article, “Fat of the Land” over on my Print Publication & TV Appearances section.